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10/24/2014 IRS Announces Adjusted Plan Limits for 2015
10/21/2014 Major Changes in California's Regulation of Private Postsecondary Institutions
10/09/2014 California's Student Online Personal Information Protection Act is the First State Law to Comprehensively Address Student Privacy
10/01/2014 California New Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law Effective July 1, 2015
09/25/2014 FAA to Allow Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Film Industry
09/24/2014 IRS and Department of the Treasury Notice Limits Inversion Transactions
08/18/2014 Disclosure at the Mobile Check-Out: the FTC's View on Mobile Shopping Apps
08/13/2014 San Francisco's "Ban the Box" Ordinance Limits Criminal Checks by Private Employers
08/12/2014 California Supreme Court Limits the Use of California's Commissioned Salesperson Exemption
08/11/2014 How Are You Affected By The Recent Massive Data Breach?
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10/08/2014 Protecting Citizen Journalists: Why Congress Should Adopt a Broad Federal Shield Law (Yale Law and Policy Review)
10/08/2014 The Case of the Zia: Looking Beyond Trademark Law to Protect Cultural Rights (Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property)
10/08/2014 The Artist's Resale Royalty Right: Overcoming the Information Problem (UCLA Entertainment Law Review)
10/06/2014 Cooley LLP Government Analytics Quick Take: Impacts of the departure of U.S. DoE Deputy Secretary Shelton (Client Advisory)
10/02/2014 Developing a Patent Portfolio That Can Withstand the ‘Death Squad' for Patents (Inside Counsel)
09/22/2014 Cooley LLP Government Analytics Brief: What the 2014 Midterm Elections Mean for the Education Sector (Client Advisory)
09/17/2014 Delaware Bankruptcy Court Denies Derivative Standing to Creditor Seeking Recharacterization (ABI Committees)
09/17/2014 The Dangers of Over-Sharing (The Financial Manager)
09/11/2014 Cooley M&A Team News - September 2014
09/04/2014 High-Tech Mergers: Top of the Antitrust Enforcement Agenda (Global Competition Review)

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