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Thought Leadership
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09/01/2015 Modern Slavery Act 2015
08/27/2015 Third Circuit Upholds the FTC's Data Security Enforcement Authority
08/27/2015 Amendments to California's Paid Sick Leave Law Provide Some Clarifications for Employers
08/26/2015 HSR "Investment-Only" Exemption: Lessons from Third Point's Yahoo! Investment
08/26/2015 DOJ Puts Pressure on Schools and Ed Techs to Provide Accessible Educational Technology
08/26/2015 SEC Adopts Final Pay-Ratio Rule
08/25/2015 New Clery Act Requirements Warrant Close Review Before October 1 Deadline
08/25/2015 UK Competition Authority Takes Action Against Suspected Excessive Pricing of Pharmaceuticals
08/18/2015 The Gainful Employment Rules: New Guidance on Reporting, Certification and Disclosures
08/06/2015 US Spectrum Auction Presents Investment Opportunity
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08/26/2015 Proposing a Fix? Ready to Litigate the Fix? Recent Cases Should Guide Strategy
08/24/2015 European Union: Technology
08/20/2015 Dread Monday morning? Why and how you should ditch the job that's making you unhappy - and the women who made it work (with zero regret)
08/13/2015 Virtual currency in the sharing economy: Navigating the existing and new regulatory standards
08/12/2015 The Luxury Of Open Innovation
08/06/2015 Venture Financing Report - Q2 2015
07/30/2015 UK Banks Mull Higher Fees Amid Interchange Fee Cap
07/29/2015 Why luxury brands are embracing open innovation
07/29/2015 Wearable technology: will legal issues spoil the party?
07/24/2015 The Bank of England's internal FX inquiry: Asking the wrong questions? (FX MM)

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